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Tramontina Three-pole Contactor TRC1-3210 32 A 220 VAC 1NO

Code 58015089

Get the Three-pole Contactor TRC1-3210 32 A 220 VAC 1NO to turn electrical equipment on remotely, especially three-phase engines. It is highly robust and can be installed for industrial automation, such as water pump actuation, lighting system actuation and other operations. Tramontina brings efficiency!

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits .
Recommendations for Use
Installation by qualified personnel is recommended, following all safety measures for electrical installations. It must be installed in a protected environment, such as distribution boards or electrical panels. Check the proper sizing of the contactor for your application, extending its service life and ensuring that it works well.
Weight 0,52 kg
Length 90 mm
Width 65 mm
Height 105 mm
Warranty 90 days legal warranty for manufacturing imperfections or defects.