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Tramontina TR-63 2-pole residual current circuit breaker 25 A, 30 mA, 6KkA

Code 58014060

You can count on Tramontina's TR-63 2-pole residual current circuit breaker 25 A, 30 mA, 6 KA to ensure safety in your electrical projects. Designed for protecting installations against low leakage currents that wouldn't be detected by a regular circuit breaker, it?s without doubt a must for your home. Its use is mandatory for ensuring protection of home and commercial electric circuits, be they outlet or light circuits - particularly in installations of bathrooms, kitchens, service areas and external areas. It also has an indicator light that shows when there is a current leakage. An essential item for ensuring the safety of your family with the high quality of Tramontina, a brand you already know and trust!

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits The white operation indicator changes to red when the residual device disarm by current leakage.

Recommendations for Use The instalation and security: it's important that the product will be instaled for a qualified professional. Before to instal, switch off the electrical energy.
Weight 0,22 kg
Length 85 mm
Width 36 mm
Height 75 mm
Warranty 90 days legal warranty for manufacturing imperfections or defects.