Electronic tap 6500W 220V

Code 58001021

Tramontina's 6500 W 220 V electronic faucet with articulated spout for kitchens or bathrooms is perfect for avoiding that uncomfortable feeling when running the faucet and getting ice-cold water. This versatile faucet includes a mobile spout with 360° rotation and can be wall-mounted or deck-mounted. It allows you to adjust the water temperature as you prefer while the water is running. With the aim of reducing water consumption, the faucet has an aerator to prevent splashing, thereby avoiding waste and saving water. The ceramic handle only needs a 1/4 turn to open and close, offering convenience and durability for the product. It also has an automatic water pressure regulator and automatic safety lock to be used when replacing the element. With greater safety ever in mind, the faucet is compatible with residual-current circuit breakers (RCCB).

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits The hole diameter for installation must be 22 mm or 7/8".
Recommendations for Use The instalation and security: it's important that the product will be instaled for a qualified professional. Before to instal, switch off the electrical energy.
Weight 0,58 kg
Warranty 1 year (90 days of legal guarantee added 9 months of contractual guarantee).
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