Eletric shower 3 temperaturas 5500 W 127 V White and Green

Code 58000121

Tramontina's 3-temperature 5500 W 127 V electronic shower head is perfect for children as it includes a safety feature that prevents the water temperature from being changed while the shower is on. It prevents the danger of electric shock accidents. This product also features a water pressure regulator and extension arm attached to the shower head to provide greater comfort and safety for the user. It also has an easy-access opening mechanism for cleaning the shower plate and replacing the element. It comes with a 1-year warranty. With greater safety ever in mind, the shower head is compatible with residual-current circuit breakers (RCCB). The recommended circuit breaker is: 50 A.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits .
Recommendations for Use The instalation and security: it's important that the product will be instaled for a qualified professional. Before to instal, switch off the electrical energy.
Weight 0,45 kg
Warranty 1 year (90 days of legal guarantee added 9 months of contractual guarantee).