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Tramontina LizFlex white, 1-gang, surface mount electrical box

Code 57303001

Tramontina LizFlex white, 1-gang, surface mount electrical box is the ideal choice for equipping your spaces and adding efficiency to your electrical installations. Perfect for those who seek the best for their projects, it offers speed and flexibility for your work with a perfect installation process that doesn't necessitate breaking any walls and uses no screws. It is made of white thermoplastic and the box comes with a pressure-seal cover[U1] [CD2] . It has a modular system and can be used for installing trunking systems in various dimensions. With Tramontina, you get functional, stylish spaces!

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits .
Recommendations for Use The instalation and security: it's important that the product will be instaled for a qualified professional. Before to instal, switch off the electrical energy.
Weight 0,04 kg
Warranty 10 years (90 days of legal guarantee added 09 years and 09 months of contractual guarantee) for imperfection or manufacturing defects.