Box with cover 1 point

Code 57303001

Modular line the superimpose, the LizFlex offers velocity and flexibility in reforms, getting perfect installations, without walls breaks disorders. Does not is necessary the used of screw. The system modular is compound in two parts: box and cover. Cover with simple snap fit. Manufactured in thermoplastic in white color, cover gloss finish, does not retain dust, joining quality and practicality. Are 3 models of boxes the superimpose, with 1, 2 and 3 models, you can choose a possibility for your necessity. They have windows disposable for embedding tracks, in dimensions of 20x10 mm, 40x20 mm and 50x20 mm, and in the box for 3 modules, it is also possible to embed channels in dimensions of 50x20 mm. The modules used in LizFlex line, are broad, in two versions color: white and graphite, gloss finish.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits .
Recommendations for Use The instalation and security: it's important that the product will be instaled for a qualified professional. Before to instal, switch off the electrical energy.
Weight 0,04 kg
Warranty 10 years (90 days of legal guarantee added 09 years and 09 months of contractual guarantee) for imperfection or manufacturing defects.