Industrial Tools

1 Door Tool Cabinet With Plastic BIN Boxes

Code 44955011

The Modular Storage System of Tramontina PRO allows you to furnish mechanical workshops and dealerships in a personalized way. There are many different organizers options, totally manufactured in Brazil, divided into tool cabinets, wall tool panels, workbenches, and roller cabinets that will leave the work environment more beautiful, organized, safe, and agile because of the storage position that each tool will have. Besides that is possible to customize the modular color, choose the tools and write the worker's name or section on the tool as well as positioning the organizer in the work environment. Because it is not enough to have the right tool, it should always be at hand.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Conformed steel sheets structure.
Door with 100° opening.
Lock for the door.
Electrostatic painting.
Maximum distributed load capacity: 200 Kg.
Maximum distributed individual rack capacity: 60 Kg.
Body, doors and rack sheet thickness: 0.9 mm.
Used for hand tools storage.
It has 2 mobile racks that enables different mounting configurations.
Comes with 29 plastic BINs: 16 n° 3, 9 n° 5 and 4 n° 7, for the storage of small parts such as bolts, nuts, washers, etc.
With 4 adjustablefeet for height adjustment when floors are irregular.
Right door opening.
Load capacity and structure resistance approved by practical tests.
Recommendations for Use Wear safety glasses, gloves and others safety equipments according to the job.
Do not overload the racks with excessive weight.
Avoid leaving the cabinet unleveled as it may cause it to fall.
Please recycle products and packaging in sccordance with existing recycling guidelines.
Weight 91,50 kg
Warranty Full warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • A: 1830.0 mm
  • B: 570.0 mm
  • C: 550.0 mm
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