Industrial Tools

7/16x1/2" Obstruction ring wrenches

Code 44676101

Ideal for tightening and loosening screws and nuts in those hard-to-reach places you can't get to with a regular straight wrench. Specially designed for engine starters, and intake and outlet manifolds. With the Tramontina PRO wrenches and spanners you don't need to worry about a thing. Only a nut would.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Machined openings.
Chrome plated finishing.
DIN 3318.
The wrenches and spanners are produced in alloy steel with chrome vanadium (Cr-V), and undergo rigorous tests to meet the standard DIN1711-1.
The hardness test is made at several points to ensure resistance against wear during constant use.
Due to its shape, it allows youto reach places it is not possible to reach with a straight (normal) wrench.
Specially for starting motor, inlet and outlet collectors.
Tools are produced and tested according to specific standards.
Recommendations for Use Wear safety glasses, gloves and others safety equipments according to the job.
Do not strike the wrenches or spanners unless they are made specifically for this purpose.
Always use a wrench or spanner that corresponds to the size of screw or nut, clearance damage the wrench and screw.
Keep the wrench or spanner clean for a better grip. Using it when it is covered with grease or oil can cause accidents.
Do not use pipes or other extensive bars to obtain more torque.
Do not change the original shapeof the wrenches or spanners.
Respect the stablished standard torque for each wrench size.
Always use the wrench perpendicularly to the axis of the screw and/or nut. It Will ensure the tools last longer and make the operation safer.
Store in a clean and dry place.
Weight 0,07 kg
  • A: 52.5 mm
  • B: 155.0 mm
  • C: 7.0 mm