Industrial Tools

1/2" ratchet interchangeable head - 14x18 square drive

Code 44516002

Used with click type torque wrenches, the Tramontina PRO interchangeable heads are available in many profiles and sizes. Choose the proper size and profile according to your needs and let's start working.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Chrome vanadium steel body.
Chrome plated finishing.
Reversible ratchet.
72 teeth.
Used along with interchangeable head torque wrenches to tighten a bolt with an established torque value.
The direction inversion button of the ratchet handle also works to release the socket. This charcteristic is known as "quick release", and is invaluable when you need to change the socket using only one hand.
Tools are produced and tested according to specific standards.
Recommendations for Use Always wear safety glasses to protect the eyes.
Wear gloves to protect the hands.
Always use a suitable accessory for operation with sockets. If the operation requires quickness, you must use a ratchet and for final tightening operation you must use a T handle or flexible handle.
Always choose a handle or ratchet according to the size and capacity of the socket.
Do not use extension bar to achieve higher torque. While increasing the force application distance will increase the torque to the socket, and consequently to the screw or nut, you will also run the risk of breaking the accessory.
Weight 0,26 kg
  • A: 14.0 mm
  • B: 18.0 mm
  • C: 45.2 mm
  • D: 37.5 mm
  • E: 69.2 mm