Industrial Tools

10" - Working at Height Water Pump Pliers

Code 44389040

Tramontina PRO line of tools and accessories for working at height is in accordance with the requirements of specific standards for this segment. These standards are mandatory, with national validity, and were created thinking about the security and health during all activities in industry, construction companies, or general service companies, where a fall risk is present. An activity is considered a working at height activity when it is performed over two meters from the ground. For tools, these regulation standards act on the accidents prevention generated from the tools falling, which must be prevented through the use of special procedures such as: tool tying, net usage, or any other method that avoids this potential risk. To avoid lowering others? opinions, use the Tramontina PRO tools at height system.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Forged in chrome vanadium steel.
Polished head and joint.
Full hardening at the body.
Induction hardening at the cutting edge.
Grip with double PVC insulated layers:
- Internal layer in yellow color.
- External layer in red color.
Electric insulation up to 1.000V AC.
Product in accordance to IEC 60900.
Heat shrink connector with plastic swivel ring.
Used by professionals Who work in dangerous places (energized and industrial installation).
Suitable for working at height Jobs.
Recommendations for Use Always wear safety glasses to protect the eyes.
Wear gloves to protect the hands.
Tramontina PRO insulated tools are manufactured to meet safety requirements of IEC 60900 standards. Such tools are indicated to be used in voltages up to 1.000 V AC and 1.500 V CC.
Reject any tool that shows damage such as, cracks, wearing, or signs of excessive use.
The double cover injection, with different colors, is designed to increase the operator?s safety. If the external layer (red color) becomes damaged or worn down due to overuse, the internal layer (yellow color) will appear. This is a warning for the operator to reject and change the tool.
Don?t change the original shape and dimension of tools.
Don?t strike the tools unless they are designed for this purpose.
Always use a wrench that corresponds to the size of screw or nut. These precautions will increase the tool?s lifetime and the safety of your operation.
Always store the insulated tools in a clean and dry place.
Be aware of the established torque for each type of tool. Don?t use levers or extension bars to reach higher torque values.
Keep the cutting tools out of the reach of children. - All the insulated tools IEC 60900 must be revised periodically. Store them in a place distant from sharped objects, to avoid any drill in the insulation.
Weight 0,62 kg
  • A: 48.0 mm
  • B: 9.5 mm
  • C: 45.0 mm
  • D: 66.0 mm
  • E: 295.0 mm