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Hybrid Cars Tool Set - 6 Pieces

Code 44347207

Hybrid cars are slowly entering the Brazilian market and increasingly need more specialized technicians and specific tools for their maintenance. To accompany this new technology, Tramontina PRO has launched an insulated tools set to meet the main demands of those cars. The set contains: 1 1000V insulated 1/2" square drive torque wrench, capacity 5-50N.m; 1 1000V insulated 1/2" square drive T handle; 1 1000V insulated 1/2" square drive 8mm long socket wrench, 1 1000V insulated 1/2" square drive 10mm long socket wrench; and 1 pair of 1000V insulated size 10 gloves.
This set is part of Tramontina PRO's IEC 60900 line of insulated tools, which offers full protection for those who work with electricity. Recommended for low tension tasks (up to 1000V on an alternated current and 1500V on a direct current), the tools meet the requirements of international standards IEC 60900 (equivalent to European standard EN 60900) and of Brazilian standard NR 10. The line includes open end wrenches, combination wrenches, ring spanners, adjustable wrenches, sockets and accessories, pliers, screwdrivers, nut drivers, mini hacksaws, cable stripper knives, and tool sets. To ensure total user safety, Tramontina tests 100% of the manufactured items. The tools are subjected to rigorous quality testing such as the 10,000V dielectric test, impact at room temperature and -25°C, 5,000V dielectric recess test, adherence of insulation, and flammability with exposure to the flame for 10 seconds.

Set composition

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Indicated to works in low tension, up to 1.000 V in alternating current and 1.500 V in direct current.
The Tramontina PRO insulated tools are subjected to several tests to meet requirements of IEC 60900: impact tests; dielectric tests; tests for adhesion of the insulating material; flame retardancy tests; electrical insulation tests.
Several tools for safe application in energized networks up to 1.000 V AC.
Used by professionals who work in danger places (energized networks and industrial installation).
Tools are produced and tested according specific standards.
IEC 60900 is an international standard that specifies the requirements of insulation tools approval and production. This standard is equivalent to EN 60900 European Standard.
Set includes: 1 1000 V insulated torque wrench 1/2" square drive capacity from 5-50 N.m; 1 1000 V insulated T handle 1/2" square drive; 1 1000 V insulated 1/2" 12 points long socket 8 mm; 1 1000 V insulated 1/2" 12 points long socket 10 mm; 1 1000 V insulated pair of gloves size 10; 1 plastic case.
Recommendations for Use Wear safety glasses, gloves and others safety equipments according to the job.
Tramontina PRO insulated tools are manufactured to meet safety requirements of IEC 60900 standards. Such tools are indicated to be used in voltages up to 1.000 V AC and 1.500 V CC.
Reject any tool that shows damage such as, cracks, wearing, or signs of excessive use.
The double cover injection, with different colors, is designed to increase the operator's safety. If the external layer (red color) becomes damagedor worn down due to overuse, the internal layer (yellow color) will appear. This is a warning for the operator to reject and change the tool.
Don't change the original shape and dimension of tools.
Don't strike the tools unless they are designed forthis purpose.
Always use a wrench that corresponds to the size of screw or nut. These precautions will increase the tool's lifetime and the safety of your operation.
Always store the insulated tools in a clean and dry place.
Be aware of the established torque for each type of tool. Don't use levers or extension bars to reach higher torque values.
All the insulated tools IEC 60900 must be revised periodically. Store them in a place distant from sharped objects, to avoid any drill in the insulation.
Reject any tool that shows damage such as, wearing, or signs of excessive use.
Keep the cutting tools out of the reach of children.
Inspect visually 100% of the tools before each use, in order to verify the insulation within the following criteria:
* Insulation integrity (verification of cracks, holes, etc);
* Insulation adhesion on the metal parts (investigation of insulation displacement).
* Rigidity of the flaps / side flaps (where applicable).
* Readability of standard marking details;
Store the tools on places free of sharp or pointed objects in order to avoid perforations and damages to the insulation.
Discard tools that are showing any deficiency on the categories mentioned above.
Recertify the insulated tools according to internal company procedures.
Store the tools in a clean and dry place, in order to avoid tools under moisture for long periods.
Certification Product in accordance to IEC 60900.
Weight 2,97 kg
  • A: 350.0 mm
  • B: 450.0 mm
  • C: 70.0 mm