Universal rubber floor mat set for trucks and SUVs

Code 43786011

To make your car more comfortable and cleaner, the Tramontina universal rubber floor mat set for trucks and SUVs is the right choice. Made of rubber and with a non-skid texture, they ensure quality and convenience. In addition, since they have special markings for cutting and adjusting the size, they are suitable for a wide range of truck and SUV models.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Rubber floor mat set ? 4 pieces;
2 front and 2 rear mats;
Universal size;
Non-skid texture; Adaptable for different car models, with special markings to cut and adjust the size.
Recommendations for Use Always wear safety goggles and gloves for protection.
Keep away from the reach of children. Respect your city and the environment, to discard the product or packages, follow the current recycling instructions.
Weight 4,30 kg
Warranty Full warranty against manufacturing defects.