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Tile cutter cutting disc

Code 43380901

Always have your tile cutter sharp! That's why Tramontina offers to the market the cutting disc as a spare part. This is a must-have item for your toolset.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Tungsten carbide cutting disc.
Cutting disc diameter: 22 mm.
Suitable for floor and tile cutter 43381/130.
Tools are subjected to a cutting test to ensure an accurate cutting action and a high wear resistance.
Tools are produced and tested according to specific standards.
Recommendations for Use Wear safety glasses, gloves and others safety equipments according to the job.
Replace the tungsten cutting disc always when it shows wear on the surface.
Make sure that the cutting risk marked on the piece run through all the desired length, otherwise the break may not occur as desired.
Keep the guides always clean and lubricated. Cement and other abrasives residues damage the sliding and reduce the tile cutter performance.
Keep the base always clean because dust in its surface may affect the cutting.
Avoid dropping the tool. It may damage the cutting accuracy.
Keep the cutting tools out of the reach of children.
Store in a clean and dry place.
Weight 0,02 kg
Warranty Full warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • A: 22.0 mm
  • B: 10.5 mm
  • C: 2.0 mm