Tramontina cell phone holder for bikes

Code 43217001

Tramontina's cell phone holder for bikes is ideal for cyclists who wish to be attentive to their journey without disconnecting! With a screen area for phones up to 5.5" in size and earphones plug outlet, it is the best companion for those who wish to use their GPS or listen to their favorite music. It comes with an easy installation bag with enough room to store a tool kit and a delicious snack for your ride. This lightweight, resistant product is made of polyester with a metal zip and reflective outer strip for greater safety. An indispensable accessory for cyclists!

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Produced in Polyester material.
2 Velcro fixing places and elastic clip.
Capacity: 0.95 liters.
Size: 200x95x50 mm.
Recommendations for Use Respect your city and the environment, to discard the product or packages, follow the current recycling instructions.
Weight 0,14 kg
Warranty Full warranty against manufacturing defects.