Tramontina 300 A 3 m jump leads

Code 43215003

What driver has never been in a situation trying to start the car and realizing the battery is dead? To make your life easier in a complicated situation like this, you can count on Tramontina's 300 A 3 m jump leads. With 9mm PVC-coated copper cables and 3m length, the leads are extremely convenient and versatile with TPR-coated copper alligator clamps for firm attachment and distinguishing colors for better visualization and safety during the operation. It has a 300 A capacity to give you all the conditions you need to boost your battery from another source. You won't be stuck somewhere and can drive with ease and peace of mind.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits 9 mm diameter cooper cables covered with PVC.
Crocodile cooper connectors covered with TPR.
Capacity: 300 amperes.
Length: 3 m.
Practical and versatile.
Crocodile connectors for better gripping on the battery.
Cables in different colors for better visibility and safety during operation.
Tools are produced and tested according to internal requirements for manufacturing and safety.
Recommendations for Use Wear safety glasses, gloves and others safety equipments according to the job.
Both batteries must be of the same voltage and polarity. If not, consult an auto electrician for assistance.
Check vehicle handbook for correct polarity.
Handbrake must be on during all the time.
Vehicles can not be touching during the process; each other.
Turn off the ignition of both vehicles before connecting.
Vehicle batteries contain acid and give off flammable gasses.
Do not smoke or use the cables near a naked flame.
Do not rest tools on the battery.
Remove metallic jewellery before working on the battery.
Store in a clean and dry place.

Connecting booster cables:
Connect red cable to positive (+) terminal of flat battery.
Connect other end of red cable to positive (+) terminal of booster battery.
Connect black cable to negative (-) terminal of booster battery.
Connect other end of black cable to negative (-) terminal of flat battery.
Ensure the leads are clear of moving parts.
Start the engine of vehicle with flat battery and allow to run for about one minute.

Disconnecting booster cables:
Stop the engine of vehicle.
Disconnect the leads by reversing the order of connection sequence. Take great care of moving parts when disconnecting the cables.

ATTENTION: If cables begin to get hot after many attempts, stop the procedure and consult an auto electrician.
Weight 1,20 kg
Warranty Full warranty against manufacturing defects.