Tramontina 750 ml water bottle

Code 43211001

Practicing sports is essential, but you mustn't forget to stay hydrated! With Tramontina's 750 ml water bottle, you will have a super practical item to help you when thirst strikes. Ideal for cycling, walking, jogging and other activities, it will certainly be your best companion when practicing your favorite physical exercise. With a 750ml capacity, it has an easy-to-use nozzle. Its cap can be easily removed for filling and cleaning. This bottle is made of high-density injection molded polymer, a high-quality material that guarantees resistance and durability to the product. Ensure greater well-being and convenience when exercising with this indispensable product!

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Capacity: 750 ml
Recommendations for Use Keep away from the reach of children.
Respect your city and the environment, to discard the product or packages, follow the current recycling instructions.
Weight 0,07 kg
Warranty Full warranty against manufacturing defects.