Tramontina 7.1/4" circular saw for professional use, 1350 W 127 V

Code 42512010

Tramontina's 7.1/4" circular saw for professional use, 1350 W 127 V, is the ideal tool for the needs of your projects. Designed for cutting wood, it has a 7.1/4-inch disc. With a 1250 watts capacity, it has special features that increase the saw's performance, robustness and working life. It is recommended for construction work and small repairs.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Power: 1.350 W.
Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
Cutting capacity: 45° - 46 mm; 90° - 62 mm.
Disc hole: 16 mm.
Speed: 5000 min-1 / rpm.
Injected body and buttons.
2 m electrical cord.
Safety side lock (turn on the machine together with the trigger).
Axis locking button to help on the disc change.
Hex key for disc change included.
Guide rail for precision cuts also included.
Ideal for wood cutting and used by partition, panel and furniture installers.
Aluminum guide base with angle adjustment up to 45°.
Adjustable cutting depth.
Angle and height scale capacity injected on the body.
Length and width scale capacity stamped on the base.
Outlet system for the sawdust.
Tools are produced and tested according to specific standards.
Recommendations for Use Wear safety glasses, gloves and others safety equipments according to the job.
Check the tension showed on the product before use it.
Keep the tool out of the reach of children.
Store in a clean and dry place.
Weight 5,39 kg
Warranty 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects (90-day implied warranty plus 9-month express warranty)