Tramontina 5" polisher for household use with 7 speeds, 600 W 220 V

Code 42509020

To make your car or household items more attractive, Tramontina's 5" polisher for household use with 7 speeds, 600 W 220 V, is a complete tool. Designed for car polishing and various types of sanding, it can be used for polishing metal and varnished surfaces and for sanding stone. With a 5-inch backing pad and capacity of 600 watts, it is a complete piece of equipment that does not require water for the process. It has a lock-on switch for continuous operation, a locking button for the rotational axis, a high-performance robust motor and speed selector switch with 7 levels. It is 100% assembled on bearings, which provides a longer life for the product. The machine comes with a side grip for more comfortable use, rubber backing pad and wool polishing bonnet. This is a high-performance tool that guarantees safety for your work.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Power: 600 W.
Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
Speed: 800 - 3000 rpm.
Disc capacity: 5'' - 130 mm.
Spindle thread: M14.
Injected body and buttons.
Special button to lock the switch during continuous jobs.
Spindle lock to help disc change.
Robust and high performance motor.
Speed selector with seven different speed levels, enabling the worker to choice the better option.
100% assembled with bearings, providing a bigger lifetime for the machine.
Designed for home polishing jobs.
Included: Side handle, rubber polisher pad, disc wrench, wool beret and instruction manual.
Tools are produced and tested according to specific standards.
Recommendations for Use Always wear safety goggles and gloves.
Always pay attention to the voltage indicated on the product.
Keep the polisher out of the reach of children.
Weight 2,40 kg
Warranty 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects (90-day implied warranty plus 9-month express warranty)