Tramontina magic multi-use towel

Code 42337001

Tramontina's magic multi-use towel has been designed to dry any kind of surface. It has a high absorption and liquid retention power, retaining up to 10 times more liquid than a conventional towel. Made of PVA and polyester, it is soft and can dry without scratching or shedding. An ideal product for you to always have within reach!

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Produced with PVA and Polyester in blue color.
Recommendations for Use Always store the towel clean and lightly moistened.
The towel becomes hard when totally dried, in case it occurs, soak the towel so that it acquires the original characteristics.
Respect your city and the environment, to discard the product or packages, follow the current recycling instructions.
Weight 0,19 kg
Warranty Full warranty against manufacturing defects.