Tramontina stainless steel barbecue set with brown Polywood handles and wood case, 3pc set

Code 29899559

Cut, turn and pick up. Everything is easier with Tramontina's 3-piece stainless steel barbecue set with brown Polywood handles and wood case from the Churrasco line. The Campeira knife, the carving fork and the tongs are made of stainless steel. All items have Polywood treated handles that are resistant to impact and high temperatures. The set includes tongs that will help you when turning over roasted meat and a carving fork that holds the meat firmly in place when cutting and serving. It's very elegant to have all your barbecue utensils from the same line.

Set composition

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Stainless steel blades.
The knife's blade has a highly durable cutting edge due to a heat treatment.
The fork and tongs are thicker and undergo a steel stamping process that ensures greater resistance and prevents any deformities.
The Polywood treated handles are resistant to impact and high temperatures, ensuring greater resistance and durability.
Stainless steel rivets.
The wood case protects the knives, and allows for storing and carrying them safely.
Dishwasher safe to make your daily routine easier.
Recommendations for Use Wash and dry the items thoroughly before first use.
Use caution with sharp pointed objects.
Keep away from children.
For longer durability guaranteed, it is advisable to hand dry after dishwashing.
For disposal or packaging, follow the applicable recycling guidelines.
Weight 0,54 kg
Warranty 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects (90-day warranty as required by law, plus 4 years and 9 months contractual warranty).
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