Tramontina Moldê gray silicone slotted spatula

Code 25810160

For a much more practical and modern kitchen, Tramontina's Moldê gray silicone slotted spatula is the perfect choice! This spatula is very flexible, durable and the perfect choice for using with all your nonstick or ceramic pots and pans without damaging them. It can withstand temperatures up to 180°C/350°F and is dishwasher safe to make your daily kitchen tasks easier. Without a doubt, a must-have for a complete kitchen!

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Silicone spatula that can withstand temperatures up to 180°C/350°F.
Comes with hole in the handle so it can be hung in your kitchen.
Ideal for use with nonstick and ceramic cookware without causing any damage.
Dishwasher safe to make your daily life easier.
Recommendations for Use Wash and dry the item thoroughly before first use.
Do not use an abrasive sponge for cleaning and for a longer-lasting product, dry well before storing, including after removal from dishwasher.
This item may become discolored over time due to food stains and the natural fading of color.
Do not leave the item on hot surfaces for an extended period of time.
Do not store the utensil close to sharp objects.
To discard product and packaging, follow existing recycling guidelines.
Weight 0,09 kg
Warranty 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.