Tramontina Churrasco anodized aluminum wok with stainless steel handle, 24 cm and 2.2 L

Code 20848024

If you like to make a delicious barbecue and provide your guests with a variety of side dishes, Tramontina?s Churrasco 24 cm and 2.2 L anodized aluminum wok with stainless steel handle is the right choice for you! This wok is perfect for preparing sauces, risottos, marinades, grilled vegetables and the essential garlic bread as you can use it right on your charcoal barbecue grill. Just be careful not to let it touch the charcoal or the embers. The wok has a diameter of 24 centimeters, a 2.2-liter capacity and comes with a grate made of anodized aluminum, a material that offers greater resistance to high temperatures. With Tramontina, you will have the very best to complete your kitchen!

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Ideal for sauces, risottos, marinades, and side dishes in general.
Anodized aluminum grill with greater resistance to high temperatures.
Stainless steel handle.
Recommendations for Use The maximim volumetric capacity for cooking is 3/4 of the total capacity of this item.
When using hot utensils, be extra careful.
Use protection for your hands and keep the utensils out of the reach of children.
Do not use the barbecue wok over coals or in direct contact with embers.
Exposure to heat and fat may cause the product to change color.
This product cannot be altered in any way from its original form.
Cleaning: Before using for the first time and after each use, wash with a soft sponge, mild soap or liquid detergent and dry immediately after washing.
To discard the product and packaging, please follow currebt recycling guidelines.
This product does not require maintenance, only cleaning.
Weight 0,58 kg
Capacity 2.20 L
Warranty 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.
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