Tramontina Churrasco Black 40 cm Round Griddle Pan in Nitrocarburized Carbon Steel

Code 20845040

To prepare that meat stew or those delicious steaks, you need the Tramontina Churrasco Black 40 cm round griddle pan in nitrocarburized carbon steel. Developed in nitrocarburized carbon steel with an exclusive Durprotect process, it allows food to be prepared evenly and quickly, saving energy, and leaving food warm for longer. The griddle pan is highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion, allows use at high temperatures and has riveted handles that ensure much safer handling. It is perfect for searing meats, keeping them juicy, tender, and full of vitamins and nutrients. A Tramontina item that gets better the more you use it!

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Versatile for preparing different dishes!
Nitrocarburized carbon steel round griddle pan.
Riveted handles that ensure greater safety when using.
Griddle pan manufactured with the exclusive Durprotect process! Longer lifespan for your griddle pan. Greater resistance to breakage and corrosion. Withstands high temperatures. Ideal for searing meat while keeping it juicy and tender, preserving vitamins and nutrients. Transfers heat in an ideal way for faster cooking. High performance that gets even better with frequent usage.
Recommendations for Use The maximum capacity for cooking is 3/4 of the total volume of the pan.
This product may not be modified.
Be extra careful when handling hot cookware and utensils. Keep hot cookware out of the reach of children, and if necessary, use a pot holder or other item to protect your hands.
Before first use: Wash the griddle pan with a soft sponge, hot water, mild soap or detergent and dry it thoroughly.
Then grease the interior with cooking oil and place it over heat for 1 to 2 minutes.
Finally, remove excess oil with absorbent paper towels. Your product is ready to be used.
During use: Remove food with the aid of a utensil.
This griddle pan is oven safe.
Do not use on induction, glass-ceramic or electric stovetops.
Cleaning: It's important to clean the griddle pan after every use, removing all food residues from its surface.
Wash the griddle pan using only a sponge and mild soap or detergent.
Do not wash in the dishwasher.
If food is stuck, soak the area and wait until you can remove the residues with a sponge and soap.
Dry the griddle pan after washing it to prevent staining.
Then apply a thin layer of cooking oil to protect it from corrosion.
Store in a dry place.
Note: After some time, some spots of rust might appear, which is perfectly normal for carbon steel products.
Important: This utensil has a protective layer of sunflower oil. Upon receiving the product, it is normal for surface color variation to occur. To homogenize and recover the visual appearance of your product, just spread a thin layer of edible oil again.
Weight 3,89 kg
Warranty 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.
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