25kgs Base for Bigs Ombrelones from 1.8m de Diameter

Code 14999010

Quer passar o dia ao redor da piscina mas não quer pegar sol? A Base para Ombrelone Tramontina em Concreto 25 kg para Ombrelones é o acessório mais indicado para o seu Ombrelone. Com ela você terá maior conforto, segurança e estabilidade. Indispensável para tardes de sol e cabe perfeitamente na sua áre externa.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits The base is used to fix the ombrelone and is an essential accessory.
Made of concrete that ensures strength and safety for your ombrelone on windy days.
It has 50cm in diameter, 37cm in height and 25kgs.
Recommendations for Use It is necessary to collect the ombrelone base and in the case of bad weather (wind and rain).
For optimal durability, the ombrelone and the base must be collected when not in use.
Be careful that the base has no contact strong impact with the ground, because it may damage.
For cleaning use only soft sponge and mild soap.
Never use steel wool or rough object.
Do not use abrasive products such as solvents, alcohol, chlorine or derivatives.
The base 25kg should be used together to ombrelones having such sizes: 1.8m (10999 / 081-10999 / 082), 2.7 m (10999 / 060-10999-061), 3.0m (10999 / 052- 10999/053) and 3.5m (10999 / 054-10999055). And should not be used for ombrelone 1.5m (10999/025).
Weight 25,00 kg
Warranty 1 year (90 days legal warranty plus 9 months contractual warranty)