Armchair with Beige Fiber and Jatobá Wood with Acqua Block Upholstered

Code 13853016

Beauty and comfort are two features of the Fiber Armchair. With a touch of nobility, it is perfect to compose the most diverse spaces, such as the living room or the balcony.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Comfort and practicality.
Polyethylene synthetic fiber furniture.
Made of solid, high-density, weatherproof Jatoba wood.
Eco Blindage finish: Impregnating, fungicide and sunscreen . Product adds durability and protection to the item. Eco-friendly, uses water-based products, harmless to human health. Product needs to be re-applied after some time.
The armchair is delivered unassembled, with instructions manual and set of screws.
Recommendations for Use Cleaning:
Any dirt accumulated in the wood can infiltrate its pores, causing the color to darken. This is why furniture items must always be kept clean. We recommend washing them with mild detergent, a sponge, and plenty of water.

Tightening Screws:
Even in items that are not used often, all screws must be tightened periodically. Do not tighten too fast.

Making Items Look New After Bad Weather Conditions:
The item must be washed and left to dry in the shade. When it is dry, it should be finely sanded and then receive a coating of vegetable oil or Eco Blindage.

Jatoba and Muiracatiara Wood Resin:
The jatoba and Muiracatiara woods have a reddish resin.After being exposed to rain, the wood dries naturally and might release some natural resin.
Jatoba and Muiracatiara wood furniture should not be used on light-colored or porous floors. If the furniture item is used in areas with such conditions, it must be washed two or three times with plenty of water on alternate days, and left to dry in a stain-safe place. This procedure eliminates the resin remains in the wood fibers.

Upholstery Care:
Acquablock® Fabric isi a product developed for the decoration and lining of items and furniture pieces, for indoor or outdoor use.
Do not wash in the washing machine.
Do not expose your Acquablock® to continuous sunlight, rain, or excessive moisture. This is to avoid mold stains and loss of fabric resistance.
Clean the fabric surface daily with a cloth dampened in tepid water and then dry it.
Wipe accidental dirt with a clean cloth, sponge, or kitchen towel without forcing it into the fabric. After cleaning, do not store your Acquablock® in a damp place.
It is resistant to most oily stains, as long as these are removed right after contact and without applying any product with friction to the fabric.
Do not use abrasive products such as brushes, water jets, abrasive sponges, or chemical products [alkaline or chlorinebased], such as powder detergents, solvents, chlorine or others.
Weight 21,55 kg
Warranty 1 year (90 days legal warranty plus 9 months contractual warranty)