Medium Planter on Wheels with Jatobá Wood and Eco Blindage - Fitt

Code 13785076

The Fitt Cachepot has been created to add style and beauty to your home. After all, who said that pot plants have to be on a table or at a fixed spot in the living room? This is an interesting item for decorating your external areas, your balcony, or your living room. The wheels make it easy to move around. A versatile solution for the decoration of your spaces.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits 1. Exclusive style and character.

2. Produced in solid, high-density, weatherproof Jatoba wood.

3. Its wheels allow easier movement of the cachepot.

4. Impressive piece of furniture, with a finish that is smooth to the slightest touch of hands.

5. Eco Blindage Finish: Impregnant polish with insecticide, fungicide, and sunscreen. This product guarantees durability and protection to your furniture. It is eco-friendly and harmless to your health, as it uses water-based products. Ideal for highly aggressive environments with low humidity. Product needs to be re-applied after some time.
Recommendations for Use 1. The variation of tones is a typical feature of the timber therefore can present different colors in the same product. There are several factors such as tree age, the portion of the wood used and the type of cut made.

2. Piece of furniture finishedin Eco Blindage, which is resistant to sun rays, has increased elasticity and total adherence to the wood. It seals pores completely, transforming the varnish layer into a protective weatherproof barrier.

3. Eco-friendly product, it doesn?t smell, itdoesn?t have any components that can damage your health or nature, it is biodegradable and waterproof.

4. Screws must be re-tightened periodically, but not excessively.

5. For increased durability, the varnished surface must be cleaned with water, mild soap and a soft sponge. Solvent or ammonia-based products must never be used to clean the item.

6. It is recommended to do the Eco Blindage preventive maintenance every 6 (six) months, by using the Eco Blindage Maintenance Kit (REF.: 12999/009)sold by Tramontina. Apply an even layer on the whole surface of your furniture item and leave it to dry for 4 (four) hours.
Weight 15,00 kg
Warranty Against manufacturing defects.