Barbecue Serving Cart in African Mahogany Wood

Code 13286640

When it is time to celebrate, one thing is for sure: it?s barbecue time. A tradition that began in the pampas and is now present on menus all across Brazil is also winning over the world.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Made of Mogno Africano wood.
Antimicrobial Protection
Rubber Wheel Rollers With locks.
Multipurpose Baskets.
Recommendations for Use Keep it in a sheltered environment.
Eventually dirt accumulated in the wood can infiltrate its pores, making the color turn darker. This is why furniture items must always be kept clean. We recommend washing them with mild detergent, a soft sponge, and plenty of water.
Even in items that are not used often, all screws must be tightened periodically but not in excess.
Do not use acetone, alcohol, or any other solvent or abrasive product.
Weight 22,40 kg
Warranty 1 year (90 days legal warranty plus 9 months contractual warranty)