Gourmandise Rectangular Cutting Station Tramontina

Code 13011450

With cutting station, pounder and saltshaker, the items of the Gourmardise line come to make life easier for chefs, cooks and foodies handful. The elegance and simplicity of the type Cumaru wood rescues the taste of good food, enhances the presentation of the dishes and gives a special spice to the environment. A gift from Tramontina Design Collection for those who live the best cuisine.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits 1. Practical and versatile, the workstations are used to all kinds of cuts and revenues.
2. With clean design, the line fits perfectly in any kitchen.
3. High durability and superior finish.

Recommendations for Use Coated with varnish, the items of Gourmandise line are easy to wash and store. The trick is to use a mild soap and soft sponge washes and keep the parts dry.
Weight 3,00 kg
Length 610 mm
Width 410 mm
Height 30 mm
Warranty 90 days for manufacturing imperfections or defects.