Tramontina Wood Chairs and Table Set Foldable Beer in Teak Wood with Sanded Finish 5 Pieces

Code 10630106

The Tramontina Wooden Table and Chairs Set Foldable Beer in Teak Wood with sanded Finish 5 Pieces is the perfect choice to guarantee sophistication and practicality. Produced in solid teak wood, from reforestation, they are ideal for environments with reduced space. Light and practical, due to their foldable design, they are easy to transport and can be stored anywhere. The sanded finish guarantees elegance and preserves the natural beauty of the wood.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Structure : Teak wood
Finishing: Sanded
Recommendations for Use Cleaning:
Use a soft, clean, damp cloth to wipe in the direction of the wood grain. Dry the piece straight away. Avoid using furniture polish, solvents, acetone, and abrasive products such as cleaning paste as they can damage the item.
Since the raw material is natural, uneven colors might occur in some items due to the differences among wood grains.

To Lengthen The Life of The Furniture Items:
Lift the piece up when moving it; avoid dragging it along the floor.
Avoid exposing the product to bright light, which could cause changes in the product?s color.
Avoid overloading the item.
Always check whether the item is level on the floor.
Avoid sitting on the item while wearing wet or damp clothes.
If the product gets wet, dry it with a clean, soft cloth, keeping it in a well-ventilated place until completely dry.
When placing wet and/or hot objects on table tops and sideboards, use a coaster.
Keep the products in well-ventilated spaces and never store them in plastic wrappers.
Do not use the furniture pieces in outdoor areas where they can be exposed to moisture, rain, and direct sunlight.
Never tilt chairs, armchairs, and stools, supporting them only on their front or hind feet. Doing so is dangerous and may severely damage the product.
Weight 18,50 kg
Length 600 mm
Width 600 mm
Height 750 mm
Warranty 1 year (90 days legal warranty plus 9 months contractual warranty)