Rolling Pin

Code 10464040

Is it friend time? Then it?s pizza time. Great friends and lively conversation. There?s no better reason to get down to business and toss a pizza in the oven. Everybody?s favorite recipe was made to share with special people. It?s no accident that pizzascome in family size. In order to make your gatherings even more enjoyable, Tramontina has developed a line of products so you can prepare, serve and savor every single slice of your favorite pizza.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Manufactured from wood "Goiabão". Finished with varnish and Microban protection.
Recommendations for Use 1. Before using for the first time, wash the product and rinse thoroughly
2. Once it is dry, rub some cooking oil on its surface and wipe away the excess
3. After each use, wash the product as usual with a soft sponge, soap, and detergent. Dry with a cloth
4. Store in a well-ventilated place (avoid drawers and cupboards)
5. Do not clean in the dishwasher or with steel wool pads
6. Do not immerse in water
7. Do not leave to dry in the sun or by the sink Do not stack items when they are wet
8. Do not put product in the oven or in the fridge.
Weight 0,65 kg
Length 70 mm
Width 70 mm
Height 460 mm
Warranty Against manufacture defects.