Tramontina 38 cm soapstone cooking stone

Code 10399029

Add an extra ingredient to your get-togethers with friends. With Tramontina's 38 cm soapstone cooking stone, style and flavor are guaranteed. This soapstone cooking stone has a diameter of 38 cm and ensures durability and resistance. Perfect for making pizza and pasta, it adds a distinct touch to food preparation. The stone keeps food hot for longer and does not interfere with the flavor of your recipes. It is the right choice for having your loved ones round!

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits 1. The formwork Pizza soapstone has the advantage of its long durability.

2. Retains heat for a long time and does not change the taste of food.

3. It is not attacked by acids besides being beautiful and decorative.

4. Good suggestion to bake pizza.
Recommendations for Use 1. Grease the form completely (inside and outside) with vegetable oil.

2. Leave it for 2 hours in an oven at a temperature of 200 ° C.

3. After this time, turn the oven off.

4. Expect it to return to room temperature and wash normally.

5. Repeat the whole process again and so is ready to use.

6. IMPORTANT: For normal use in ovens just do the procedure once.
Weight 7,20 kg
Length 380 mm
Width 380 mm
Height 20 mm
Warranty Against manufacture defects.