Tramontina 20x30 cm rectangular white glass worktop saver with red pattern

Code 10399001

Have fun and functional products in your kitchen. Tramontina's 20x30 cm rectangular white glass, red pattenedworktop saver from the Utilínea Line is easy to clean and convenient for daily use. Ideal for chopping and serving food, it can also be used as a tray, serving board for charcuterie and serving board for pies and sweets. A rectangular glass worktop saver with vibrant accents in red.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Ideal to serve and sting food.
Easy to clean.
It can be used like tray, cutting boards to cold snacks or to cakes.
Recommendations for Use It resists until 120º C.
It can't go to the microwave or the oven.
High resistance to falling and impacts.
Weight 0,67 kg
Warranty 90 days for manufacturing imperfections or defects.