Barbecue Rectangular Mix Grill Tramontina

Code 10239684

When it's time to celebrate, one thing is for sure: it's barbecue time. A tradition that began in the pampas and is now present on menus all across Brazil is also winning over the world. Of course, Tramontina has not forgotten its roots. That is why we have prepared a complete line of products with all practicality, beauty and quality to make a great Brazialian style barbecue.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Teak wood.
Sanding finish.
Cast iron plate accompanied.
Recommendations for Use Guidelines for Plank Maintenance:
Before first use, wash the product and rinse thoroughly.
After each use, wash the product with a soft sponge, soap and detergent. Dry with cloth towel.
Store in a well-ventilated area [avoid muffled environments such as drawers and cabinets].
Do not wash the dishwasher or use a steel sponge.
Do not immerse the product in water.
Do not let the product dry in the sun.
Do not stack the parts when they are wet.
Do not carry the product in the oven or refrigerator.

Guidelines for Maintenance of Cast Iron Sheet:
Wash with water, soap or detergent and a soft sponge.
The utensil arrives at the pre-tanned customer at 250 degrees.
Use a wire of olive oil or oil before placing the food, to avoid adherence in the utensil.
Rinse with running water and wipe with soft sponges as abrasive sponges remove the protective layer from the utensil.
To dry the product, you can use a dry cloth or take it to the fire.
Soak a napkin with oil or olive oil and pass over the entire surface of the piece.
Store in a location away from moisture.
Weight 1,98 kg
Length 350 mm
Width 255 mm
Height 18 mm
Warranty 90 days for manufacturing imperfections or defects.