Caipirinha Set 03 pcs.

Code 10239682

When it's time to celebrate, one thing is for sure: it's barbecue time. A tradition that began in the pampas and is now present on menus all across Brazil is also winning over the world. Of course, Tramontina has not forgotten its roots. That is why we have prepared a complete line of products with all practicality, beauty and quality to make a great Brazialian style barbecue.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Produzida em madeira de origem legal, desenvolvida para cortar e servir.
É uma opção sempre saudável, pois a madeira reage à ação da bactéria, eliminando-a, o que não acontece com outros materiais. O contato direto da madeira com o alimento faz com que ele sofra menos risco de contaminação.
Design moderno.
Recommendations for Use Before using for the first time, wash the product and rinse thoroughly.
After each use, wash the product as usual with a soft sponge, soap, and detergent. Dry with a cloth.
Store in a well ventilated place (avoid drawers and cupboards).
Do not clean in the dishwasher or with steel wool pads.
Do not immerse in water.
Do not leave to dry in the sun or by the sink.
Do not stack items when they are wet.
Do not put product in the oven or in the fridge.
Weight 0,51 kg
Length 210 mm
Width 130 mm
Height 12 mm
Warranty 90 days for manufacturing imperfections or defects.