Set to wine containing 1 Wooden Support + 1 Corkscrew

Code 10239389

Celebrate with Tramontina! To make the relationship with your audience even closer, Tramontina developed a line of special products that can be customized with your company's brand. There are several options to give customers, suppliers and employees, aswell as products specially developed for promotional activities. With the line Celebrate with Tramontina, you will impress your customers and clients. Win a Tramontina product is winning a big present!

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits There are countless possibilities for customization of your product. Each project is studied according to customer need. It is a great variety in their favor, to promote your product and increase your sales. This is the goal of Projects Promotional Tramontina.
Recommendations for Use Before using the cutting board for the first time, wash it with hot water, soap and wipe it down well. After each use, always wash the product with water and a neutral soap, drying it well with a cloth. The cleaning necessities (washing, drying and storing correctly) contribute to your cutting board maintaining its healthy and natural characteristics. Always let it dry before storing. Store in a well aired place. It should not be stored whilst still damp. Never use a steel sponge or place it in a dishwasher. Do not leave it submerged in water or store it under the sink. Avoid storing in a drawer. Do not stack pieces while still wet. A mixture of water and vinegar may be used for cleaning, as this helps combat bacteria.
Weight 0,38 kg
Length 300 mm
Width 70 mm
Height 10 mm
Warranty 90 days for manufacturing imperfections or defects.