EXPLOSIVE ATMOSPHERES - Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

The Ex Line contemplates equipment and components capable of meeting the needs of users and designers. Through designs, our team of professionals identifies opportunities and develops the best solutions to meet customers’ expectations. See the applications below:

Customized panels

The control, lighting and distribution panels are designed to serve all types of environments with the presence of explosive atmospheres due to gases and dust, in the offshore and onshore oil industry (sea and continent), chemical, food, pharmaceutical, grains, etc. They are panels consisting of boxes made of different raw materials (aluminum, stainless steel and polyester) to serve different areas, including environments with corrosive products.
The panels can be simple or formed by several boxes, with hybrid protections (different explosion protections in the same panel). All equipment and components used for assembling panels are certified and comply with the SBAC (Brazilian Compliance Assessment System).

Some examples of customized panels:

  • Control panel
  • Lighting panel

Welding/Maintenance outlet

Panels mounted on mobile structures that facilitate movement to different access points. They consist of outlets and circuit breakers for coupling welding devices or equipment in general.

Portable lighting panel

This panel makes it easy to move to different lighting points, mounted with projectors for lighting areas during a certain time, for maintenance or other services.

Lighting engineering projects

A study that presents the number and model of light fixtures according to the project’s specifications and characteristics of the area to be illuminated.


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