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Which home office style best suits you?

Which home office style best suits you?

The right environment can contribute to your productivity

We have definitely entered the home office era. More than ever, this work format became popular from the need to stay at home.

Therefore, we can understand the importance of imprinting our style in the decoration of our space. Discover your favorite decoration and ensure the pieces that will change your work routine with Tramontina!

If you like well-planned minimalism, with specific texture and color points, you will love the Paco ECO armchair’s unique design. Its robust lines create a bold atmosphere that complements the sophistication of the brushed steel trash can and the natural look of the Tauarí table. Finish the environment giving a touch of life with the Inca plant pot

Now, if you are on the team of innovation and finesse, you might like the mix of sober tones, some abstract textures, and a lot of organization.

To keep your office always tidy, why not invest in a chest of drawers with wheels? In addition to the versatility of being able to take it to different rooms in your home, you have 3 spacious drawers at your disposal to organize your materials at the end of the day. Complement the environment with an extra touch of convenience, bet on a swivel chair with a caster base and voila: an ultra-elegant and comfortable space for your routine.