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What changed in our home during quarantine

What changed in our home during quarantine

Office, playground or restaurant, how did your home transform?

Over the past year, the home has become the center of our lives. Spending more time in it than ever before, some transformations were needed for our homes to fulfill several simultaneous functions. It’s a good thing Tramontina has everything you need to do it all (and do things beautifully), transforming every corner of your home sweet home according to your needs.

Home, sweet office

Working from home entails much more than just setting up a computer on the dinner table and sitting there for 8 hours a day. The right time and place is crucial for the home office; set aside a corner with maximum privacy and quiet, invest in a desk and appropriate chairs that favor upright posture with the elbow at the height of the table and the feet planted on the floor, with the knees at 90º.

Small world of imagination

With children spending more time at home, without contact with playmates or a playground to spend their energy, it’s crucial to have a set time and place for play: a play room or corner, with drawing table, toys, and above all, a chest or trunk  to store everything after the fun is over, will ensure a more organized home and, most importantly: a happier child.

Discover new flavors without leaving home

Man does not live on delivery alone. During quarantine, many people started venturing more into the kitchen. After all, living on ready-made meals that are not always very healthy is not good for your health or your pocket. At such times, it is always good to have a kitchen equipped with appliances that facilitate processes, such as a good multiprocessor, a powerful mixer and a hood that ensures proper preparation of dishes and an organized and clean kitchen.

On the weekend, there is nothing like a good outdoor barbecue to vary the menu and make the most of days off.

How did your home transform over the pandemic? Did it become more of an office or a culinary experiment laboratory? Whatever you want to make of your home, the most important thing is to make it beautiful, so that the best habits acquired during this quarantine become new house rules.


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