Tramontina range hoods.  Which one is ideal for your kitchen?

Tramontina range hoods. Which one is ideal for your kitchen?

We increasingly spend more relaxing time in the kitchen with friends and family while we prepare those special meals. This is when we realize the importance of a well-equipped kitchen includes the right utensils and appliances. For example, the importance of a range hood that executes its function in an efficient manner without much noise.

Before we go into the distinguishing features of Tramontina range hoods, it's important to take a step back and understand why you should install a hood in your kitchen.

Range hoods are appliances used to suck up the grease and treat the smoke, vapors, and odors generated by cooking, improving the quality of the air in the kitchen. All these elements are sucked into the hood and filtered through an aluminum mesh that removes the grease from the air, and charcoal filters, which absorb the odor. After this, the air is released back into the internal environment (when used in the purifier mode – using the activated charcoal filter) or into the outside (exhaust mode – without using the activated charcoal filter).

To make sure that your hood won't give you headaches and will function adequately, keep an eye on the criteria that the manufacturer follows for the production and product testing.

Tramontina hoods are made in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, at Tramontina TEEC, where all products are subjected to thorough quality and efficiency tests before being launched in the market.

Now, we get to the interesting part. How do you choose the best hood model for your kitchen?

First, you need to understand where the hood will be installed.

Wall: Wall hoods are attached to a wall over cookers or cooktops.

Island: Island hoods are attached to the ceiling and may be installed in the center of the kitchen over island cookers or cooktops.

Purifier: Purifiers are installed under cupboards over cookers or cooktops.

Built-in: Built-in hoods are installed directly as part of the furniture.

You also need to understand what is needed to install a purifier or an exhaust.

Exhaust: Usually, it is the most recommended installation. Exhaust hoods will catch the grease in their metal filters and conduct vapors and odors from cooking directly through a duct to the outside. This is why, when having this product installed, you will need an external outlet with a diameter of 150mm. To ensure the best performance of the product, it's important that the hood tubing to the outlet has a distance of at least two meters, with up to two bends.

Purifier: If it's not possible to install the hood in the exhaust mode, you can have it installed as a purifier. In this case, the range hood will suck the cooking vapors and retain the grease in the aluminum mesh, absorbing odors in the activated charcoal filter, renewing the air, and returning it to the internal space of the kitchen through the side vents of the top chimney.

Please remember: it's important to always double-check the possibilities of installation in your kitchen before buying the hood!

Finally, to verify that the hood meets your kitchen's needs, you need to understand the ideal flow. The calculation to measure the hood flow considers the volume of the kitchen, as the range hood needs to have the capacity to change the air in the kitchen at least 12 times an hour to work efficiently.

This is a simple calculation. You multiply the height, width, and length of your kitchen by 12. The result is the minimum flow your hood must have. For example, in a space that is 4 meters wide, 3 meters high, and 2.7 meters long, the minimum flow is 389m³/h (4x3x2.7x12 = 388.8).

You should also take into account your cooker's dimensions to ensure the hood works properly. Ideally, the hood will have the same dimensions as your cooker/cooktop or even bigger. Otherwise, the generated vapors might be swept by side air currents.

These are details which make all the difference! Do you feel more confident about choosing your range hood now?

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