To innovate a movie night: movie tips and popcorn recipe

To innovate a movie night: movie tips and popcorn recipe

How about a movie night to help you connect with yourself? Tramontina has all you need to enjoy a movie night at home.

With so much going on in the world at the same time, sometimes it's necessary to pause for some "me" time. A good idea to avoid routine and disconnect from the world is to spend some time watching a series or film of your favorite genre. And to help you organize your movie night, we have some movie recommendations and a delicious recipe for some funky popcorn!

If you want to cry:

Marley & Me

A recently married couple learns many important life lessons from their agitated yellow Labrador, Marley.

If you like romance:


John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John are the stars of this musical comedy about a stud and the nice girl for whom he falls, in spite of his friends.

If you know that cartoons are not just for kids:


After a whole life dreaming about traveling around the world, an old man flies away to an incredible adventure with a little boy by his side.

And if you can't resist a classic:


In this classic, a poor artist and a rich young woman meet and fall in love during the fatal journey of the Titanic in 1912. Even though she is engaged to the arrogant heir of a steelworks company, the young woman defies her family and friends in search of true love.

If none of these movies is a winner for you, our suggestion is to watch the one that used to be your favorite during a really happy time.

Now, the thing you really need is a delicious recipe and we have a simply incredible one: Lemon pepper and parmesan popcorn


100 g butter
01 cup popping corn
01 tbsp. lemon pepper
01 tsp. turmeric
01 cup water
Grated parmesan to taste


Put the butter, popping corn, lemon pepper, turmeric and water in the popcorn maker and cover. Wait until all the corn is popped and serve in a bowl. Add as much parmesan as you like and enjoy it! Who said Tramontina doesn't have a special seasoning for your movie night at home?

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