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The Tramontina we were all missing

The Tramontina we were all missing

The brand’s new line of porcelain comes with more than 200 products

Tramontina already offers a variety of more than 22,000 items to help you do things beautifully. Many of these are commonly found in every Brazilian household: flatware, sauce pans, serving dishes, barbecue utensils as well as service tableware… They all stand out the quality of the Tramontina brand. But, yes, we could feel something was missing! A touch of versatility, perhaps? 

Well, we are not missing anymore. The new Tramontina line of porcelain is here to make your everyday life more inspiring - and much more beautiful. That was the Tramontina line we were all missing!

Bearing the traditional quality of the brand, the product is perfect for serving meals at home while enjoying with friends and family. 

From the traditional white to the decorated ones, Tramontina’s porcelains are resistant, versatile and able to make your table more beautiful and stylish.

Now, how about preparing a special dinner or a more romantic one with a touch of elegance? Visit our website to see all of our products!


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