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The little ones' bedroom: color, organization, and fun

The little ones' bedroom: color, organization, and fun

The little ones' corner is always a special place, where many memories will be made. To make these memories even more special, do beautifully well when organizing the children's bedroom!

To create a fun and cozy bedroom for your little one, there are many things to consider. From the color of the walls to furniture and toys that will be in the bedroom, all details must be thought through so the moments of living in this room are even more special. 

We have put some tips together to help you be creative and do beautifully well when setting up a colorful, organized, and fun bedroom.

The first step is to decide on the color palette. The tip here is to always think about light and fun colors that won't need to be retouched in the first few years. Combining hues is also allowed! Blue and green, yellow or orange with white, pink and lilac shades, matte red with yellow, orange with baby blue... All combinations are valid if you balance the shades in the space! And don't forget to choose furniture to match the bedroom colors. The main tip for a light space is to always invest in light colors, such as white and pastel hues.

Beyond the basics, such as the bed and a chest of drawers to store clothes and shoes, some other furniture items that help create a comfortable room are:

- shelves, trash cans, and coat hangers which decorate the room and help make it tidy

- a comfortable armchair for you to keep the little one company

- toy organizers

And, of course, the toys! They add the final touch of fun to the bedroom and bring the lightness of all moments of play to the space. 

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