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Switches and sockets: details that make the difference

Switches and sockets: details that make the difference

The switches can make all the difference in the decoration. From different sizes, colors, designs and textures, they can offer an extra touch in the ornamentation of the environments.

One factor to consider is the color of walls, doors and baseboards. In general, it is recommended that the color of the plates and mirrors follow the tonality of the walls. However, there are projects where contrast is a brand. In these cases, follow the tone of the baseboards or the doors to get a harmonious set.

If the intention is to diversify the environments, no problem. The whole house does not have to be the same. Just be careful to use a single model in each room so that there is no excess of colors and textures, which can leave the decoration polluted.

If you enjoy more discreet environments bet on more neutral and light colors:

If you prefer outstanding environments, see how they harmonize perfectly with different compositions:

There are products that are easy to assemble and allow freedom of composition, such as Tramontina lines, which bet on the modularity concept of plates and switches.

Time to choose and install

Their quantity and location must be compatible with the capacity of the general electrical building installations and with the needs of its users. In general, they should be close to doors, sinks and workbenches. Please note that the project should predict sockets for occasional uses, such as connecting a vacuum cleaner or mobile phone chargers.

Another important point is to choose products that comply with the country's manufacturing standards, such as NBR 14136 and NM 60884, which set standards for plugs and sockets for domestic and analog use, and NM 60669, that defines the standards for switches in fixed electrical installations for domestic and analog use.

The Tramontina Giz line has a contemporary design, plates with high gloss finish and nine different colors. With no apparent screws, it has a frontal fitting system of modules (available in white and graphite colors), which minimizes installation time in different configurations of  switch and outlet.

For your safety, we recommend that installation, replacement or maintenance be carried out by qualified professionals, always remembering to turn off the power before installing.


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