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Set Up a Toy Corner

Set Up a Toy Corner

Those with kids at home know that keeping the living room organized is no easy task. Our tip is to choose a corner of the house and take advantage of this new year to gradually put together a real play space at home.

For this purpose, we have selected some tips to help you set up this space. Take a look:

1. Choose a part of the house that is safe to set up the toy corner and easily accessible for adults to keep an eye on.

2. To encourage creativity, set aside a corner with crayons and construction paper. Ideally, you should have a little table for the child to be able to draw at will, like the Monster Set, which comes with table and chair. 

3. Leave puzzles, manual games and educational toys easily accessible to draw your child’s attention. These toys are important for cognitive and motor skill development.

4. Put fun costumes and masks on low-hanging hooks on the wall, so your little one can turn into a princess or superhero at any time of the day. This sparks their imagination and can also make for some good family time!

5. Think about comfort for floor games. Invest in rugs, mattresses and pillows for the kids’ corners in your home.

6. How about a rocker for rainy days? There are options that fit into your toy corner and children love, such as the Cuckoo Rocker.

7. Demonstrate the importance of organization with drawers, chests and boxes available for putting toys away. We suggest the Kids Organizing Boxes, which are light and stackable, making them easy to use. 

8. Also use this space to spend more time with your child. How about reusing materials such as cardboard, bottle caps and packaging to create fun and unique toys? 

The important thing is to have fun! 


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