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See how to take care of your stainless steel sink

See how to take care of your stainless steel sink

Do you know how to take care of your sink to keep it like new for longer?

A stainless steel sink is that touch of elegance and functionality that every kitchen needs. What many people forget is that, although they are sturdy and durable, some care needs to be taken. Especially to leave it shiny, like new, for a long time. Take a look at the care:

You can start planning your kitchen with the sink, but try to leave its installation until the end. If this is not possible, protect it as much as possible, because the renovation can cause scratches or drips that are hard to remove.

When washing dishes
When washing dishes, take care to keep knives and forks from scratching the sink. Finally, dry the sink well.

When cleaning
Never use steel wool. To clean it well, cold or warm water and mild soap is sufficient. That means no bleach or any type of solvent. Of course, always use the soft side of the sponge or a rag. 

Day-to-day care

Be careful with the temperature of pans. For example, when they are very hot, they can cause stains that are very hard to remove. 

Leave it shining like new
From time to time, to remove stains and leave it shining, use paste or spray. For stains, just spread a little paste on a clean, soft cotton rag and rub the sink. To polish, when it’s already clean and dry, rub the rag until it creates a dark and solid residue, then remove and wash the surface.

With this care, your sink will be shiny and new for much longer. 

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