Routes and day trips to avoid a boring routine

Routes and day trips to avoid a boring routine

The first few days into your married life are always full of novelty and passion, and we have some tips to keep the honeymoon phase going for the rest of your life!

There is no absolute recipe or fail-proof tip; for a couple to live happily ever after, they need a good partnership, creativity, and of course, lots of love. To help you have increasingly special moments, we have compiled some ideas for day trips and experiences.

Revisiting the place where you had your first date

It might not be exactly where you first met or where you had your first proper date, but how about visiting that place that marks the beginning of your story? Going back to those first moments of getting to know each other and seeing how far you've come together may be a fun and romantic experience.

Going back to childhood

There are so many things we stop doing after we grow up that leave a nostalgic taste, so you could invite your love to remember that time of freedom with you. How about visiting the parks you would go to with your parents when you were little? Or exploring your favorite playgrounds when you were children? Maybe even go on that boat trip that you dreamed about when you were at school. Living nostalgic and happy moments with your love can help you get to know each other even better.

A nostalgic taste

It's not new – after all, you've lived these moments many times over. Trying out a new dish at the couple's favorite restaurant may be a different experience, yet full of comfort and coziness. Since it's a familiar place, you will feel comfortable and at home, but the experience of innovating when choosing your meal may render many fun and delicious moments.

Another idea is to prepare the couple's favorite menu at home. You can have as much fun cooking as you will have eating.

The place that changed the course of your lives

Every marriage has a memorable place in its history: the place where the proposal happened. It could be your mother-in-law's backyard or the bar where you decided to go steady, or the park where your first kiss happened. Revisiting the place that brought you together in the biggest proof of love that a couple might have is sure to bring happiness, and it's always good to reminisce about nice moments, isn't it?

Making dreams come true

How about planning your first vacation together as a married couple to a place that you both have always dreamed of going? Making dreams come true and exploring the world together with your love is one way to create new memories that you will cherish forever. How about you? What do you like doing with your love to celebrate your union?

Check out more ideas to celebrate your marriage after the party in our blog.


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