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Porcelain: beauty, hygiene and durability for your dinnerware

Porcelain: beauty, hygiene and durability for your dinnerware

Find out more about the new line of products Tramontina has made for you

Porcelain tableware is beautiful - no one disputes that! White or decorated, its pieces fit any table set with beauty. They are durable and also super hygienic (maybe you didn’t know that).

Tramontina is launching a new line of porcelain for you to set your table even more beautifully. By the way, did you know every piece of porcelain needs to meet a number of characteristics to be considered a legitimate one? Here they are:


Tableware made of porcelain is translucent. For example, with your cell phone, place its flashlight on a plate surface. If you can see the light through, this is legitimate porcelain.


The ceramic body of porcelain will always be white, no matter if the product is completely white or decorated. It is possible to identify this characteristic looking at the bottom of a porcelain plate.


Porcelain tableware is more resistant than other types of dishware made from ceramic materials. This characteristic is obtained in one specific stage of the production process. Porcelain is fired at high temperatures (above 1,300 °C/2,372 °F), what makes objects to be more resistant to scratches and to food acids.