Planting in the garden: flower beds

Planting in the garden: flower beds

Would you like a more beautiful and colorful garden? Check out some tips to make gorgeous flower beds.

Begin by preparing the soil.

Clean the area all over and pull out weeds.

Prepare the earth.

Use a hoe to till the earth to a depth of approximately 30 cm and break up lumps of soil.

Add fertilizer.

Use a mattock to mix fertilizers well. Then plant your preferred saplings and flowers, and finalize by leveling the flower bed.

Tramontina tip:

If you aren't sure about which fertilizer to use, you can buy an organic fertilizer enriched with bone meal at flower shops. If you choose to fertilize your flower beds with manure, it's important that the manure is well-cured so it doesn't burn the plants' roots.

Easy, isn't it? Tramontina's gardening tools make it even easier. It's now easier to do beautifully well in the garden.

Check out the full gardening line here.


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