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Light and modernity in decoration

Light and modernity in decoration

Who search a beautiful ambience, sophisticated and modern has LED lighting as an ally. Today the market already provides numerous options with technology, that allows the most varied and creative solutions in decoration. Besides reducing the energy consumption and make the ambience more sustainable, the solution receives special attention from decorators to create sculptural forms, offering the touch of modernity to the most diverse spaces.

View at dusk with Oca and Cona Lumiére, from the Casa Delta line

Attentive to the new forms of consumption and innovation, Tramontina presents Oca and Cona Lumiére, a set of coffee table and armchair with design signed by ZON Design and LED Lighting Technology. The pieces add comfort and beauty to the decoration in a new attractive and inviting visual proposal, offering a futuristic air to the ambience. They are perfect for external and internal, use from the leisure area to the living room, and are part of the line of sustainable furniture Casa Delta.

In addition to highlighting the aesthetic qualities of furniture, the LED technology in the parts creates a surprising effect. In transparent material, the set broaden even more the versatility in divers spaces from an RGB control which allows the user to combine shades that result in up to 16 different colors in the final effect.


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