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Important things to know while watering plants during cold seasons

Important things to know while watering plants during cold seasons

Hydration of plants is different during autumn and winter

If you have plants at home you need special care when cold seasons come. The first and most important is to decrease irrigation. 

During autumn and winter, plants absorb less water and get less stressed from sunlight, as they are less exposed to it. Less sunlight and cooler temperatures mean less evaporation and more humidity. Therefore, your plant will be well supplied with water for longer periods when compared to the hot seasons.

One more tip: check the soil moisture. If it’s still damp, don’t water. Irrigate rather during the morning period and increase the time span of the watering schedule. For example, if plants were being watered three times a week during the summer, water them only once now.

A third tip regards to plants that are indoors. As they are better protected from sunlight, they need even less water. One option is to spray water using a manual sprayer to ensure enough moisture.

That way, your plants will keep healthy during cold seasons and be strong when spring comes!


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